Potential benefits are an increased sense of well being, better sleep, improved performance with mental & physical activity, lower blood pressure, living with less fear and increased confidence. There are many more and we will talk about them.

I have had students that have reported dynamic change in their lives. They have been able to navigate great change on personal and professional levels with better ease, less friction. You can increase your creative intelligence.

I had a student tell me that meditation helped him get through the recent Louisiana floods easier, be of service to others while still taking care of himself and his family.

I also had a student tell me, with a huge smile on her face that after meditating for 2 years she "not sure if it was working but she sure does like meditating" (I'm pretty sure it is working fyi).

One of the beauties of this practice to me however is how much we start to notice and enjoy the subtle things in our lives. When this happens we drastically increase our potential to feel truly fulfilled and develop lasting change and happiness.

Reach out, ask questions and see you soon.