Group Meditations are most Monday nights at 6:30pm in Hancock Park. RSVP to Chris@Amanmeditation.com for the address


Course for New Meditators:

Friday March 24-Monday March 27

1.5 hours per day for 4 days and you'll be meditating      

Email Chris@AmanMeditation.com to RSVP or for any questions you have or to set up a time to speak.

A pre-requisite for learning is attending a complimentary introductory talk or arranging a time to meet privately.

The course itself runs over four consecutive days and I offer two time options per day to accommodate busy schedules.

On day one you'll be given a mantra and on days 2, 3, & 4 you'll learn how to use it correctly. It is simple.

There is a course fee and it is based on a sliding scale so that as many people that want to learn can do so. I discuss this in more depth at the introductory talk.