Before I was a teacher and not yet a student I was simply searching. Like a lot of people I wanted to live with less stress, feel happier, sleep better. I tried exercise, shopping, dieting, not dieting, going on vacation, not wanting to come back from vacation, reading books, attending seminars and listening to guided meditations. I simply wanted to feel better, and to be quite honest was always looking for a way to be more competitive in my career in real estate.

It turns out that what I really wanted was to live with more clarity, to fully know myself and to be healthier. I wanted to be calm even if nothing else was.

So I learned how to meditate. I went to an intro talk (which I told myself I was too busy to attend but went anyway), then went through a 4 day course. (and I definitely thought I was too busy for that). I never looked back and have never stopped meditating. The thing is, it is practically effortless. It requires a short amount of time, just a little willingness with the faintest belief and you can learn, just like I did. You don't need to be a monk, you don't need to give up anything. You can still wear anything you want, eat anything you want & have any or no religious belief and you can still learn to meditate and change your life for the better. You more than likely will ultimately let go of an attachment to pain and suffering but you can even hold on to that for a little while if you really want to.

I can teach you to meditate. I'm an expert at it.  In 2013 I completed intensive teacher training under the guidance of the renowned master Thom Knoles in the foothills of the Himalaya in India. I hold regular courses in Los Angeles, NYC and Boston and wherever nature takes me.

Your role in life is not to suffer so let it go, give yourself the gift of meditation. Change your life, then change the lives of others.

Be Fearless.